Custom Data Store

Store any type of data or file in Hitude Data Store, a secure high replication data and file store. Always online, always safe and secure. Hitude MBaaS data store can handle anything from simple fields to large files.

Advanced Queries

Advanced queries are made easy using Hitude Query. Retrieve any part of your stored data using free text search. Use server-side business logic scripts to perform complex queries and return aggregated answers to your users, saving time and bandwidth.

Users and Groups

Creating users and verifying email addresses is as easy as managing lost passwords with Hitude MBaaS. Groups are just as simple to create and manage. They control access to data and instant messages and can be used to mirror anything from projects and teams to entire organisations with cross boundary collaborations.

Social Media

Create buzz, bring your users together or just let them market your products for you. Whatever you need, integrating with the likes of Twitter and Facebook and creating your own private or public social network is simple with Hitude MBaaS.


Hitude MBaaS has been designed and built from the very beginning to achieve a high security level. All communication with Hitude MBaaS is session - and stateless. This reduces risks related to session hijacking and exploitation of undefined states. Any failed access attempts will result in a harmless “this service is not available to you” reply. Failed logins do not give any clues as to the reason so they can not be used to scan for valid user names or email addresses.

Access Rights

Every attempt to access data or functionality in Hitude is assessed by the advanced access rights manager. Not having to design and build your own access rights management will save you plenty of time while minimising security related risks. Access rights can be explicitly defined down to an individual data field and function (create, read, update and delete).

Push and Instant Messaging

Hitude MBaaS makes it easy to send PUSH notifications and instant messages to individuals and groups of recipients. PUSH notifications allow apps to inform the user of incoming messages or action requests immediately, much as when a text message arrives. Instant messages are protected and only accessible by the intended recipient or members of the applicable group(s).

Geo-positioning and LBS

Relating actions and behaviour to a location, a proximity to it, or to an area makes it easy to create solutions that contain check-ins or that react to the crossing of perimeters, so called geo-fencing. These types of functionality are often found in mobile marketing, tracking and operations support systems, including fleet management and lone worker solutions.

Dynamic Content Services

Organising access to dynamic data through a service architecture can give you the right combination of structure and flexibility that you need to grow your business seamlessly. As new delivery channels emerge you will already have a specified interface to access your data and for charging data consumers for their usage.