Hitude Solutions

Fleet and Asset Management

Tracking fleets of vehicles and expensive assets has become a priority as thefts and efficient logistics operations have come more into focus.

Operations Support Systems

Providing staff with suitable tools and the organisation with quick information exchange capabilities is essential to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Lone Worker Solutions

Caretakers, nurses, electrical engineers or inspectors of hazardous areas should all feel safe and secure when performing their duties, knowing that someone will react quickly should anything happen to them.

Tracking Solutions

Demand for new ways to protect and track private vehicles, pets and other family members is soaring. Prisoners and high profile kidnapping targets may need to be tracked as well.

LBS and Mobile Marketing

Whether it’s about 2-4-1 cappuccinos or detailed local weather forecasts, relevance increases when physical locations are taken into account. Use it in geo-searches, to trigger events (e.g. a geo-fence) or connect people together based on their location.

Mobile Office and Collaboration

Increased reach, flexibility and availability is essential to stay competitive. Just talking on the phone doesn’t cut it anymore when IT is becoming truly mobile and the web isn’t efficient enough.