The Hitude Story

Our Story

The team behind Hitude can trace its roots back to 2001, when we started a venture named Caleigo working with customers like AstraZeneca, Sony Ericsson, Ikea, Tetra Pak and Eniro. Since then we’ve always taken pride in going the extra mile to deliver timely results with high quality rather than aiming for short term gains.

Our technical know-how and interest in user experience, software development methodology and lifecycle management has lead us into the area of development platforms and tools for efficient development of smartphone apps and cloud-based solutions. We also offer professional consulting which gives us a way to connect deeply with the market place and understand its needs and trends better than we might have done as a pure product company.

Hitude is a profitable company, privately owned and funded by its partners. We believe that this reduces the risks for our customers compared to VC funded companies which often have a more short term view and could cease to exist when funds run out, leaving existing customers hanging in the air.

Our People

We are three partners in Hitude, all with Engineering degrees specialising towards computer science. Our wide experience from developing many different types of IT solutions in different corporate environments, such as IBM, Ikea, Tetra Pak and Sony Ericsson as well as building smaller ventures from scratch, help us to predict and address many of the technical and business challenges that arise in different environments and situations.

Having worked with smartphone apps since before smartphones were available on the market has exposed us to most of the issues that occur to developers and given us the ideas for how to solve them so that everyone doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time.

Our Future

We aim to continue to develop Hitude MBaaS further, including the service aggregation architecture and server side scripting, while we help our customers to solve their IT-related business problems, increasingly involving partners in the delivery.